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Bike Tow Leash Videos & Dog Walking Videos

BTL Highlights
Bike Tow Leash biking on narrow trails, fun drone video, Iron Paws Champions, trikes, wheelchairs and scooter
Bike Tow Leash Easy Installation and Safe
See Models demonstrate BTL easy installation and safe use.
Daily Dogs Enjoying Dog Biking with BTL
Daily Dog Goose is uses the BTL and a special collar to enjoy trails and cool off.
Sawyer Learns Bike Tow Leash
On popular CBS TV show "Lucky Dog" Brandon very conservatively teaches Sawyer biking. Most dogs naturally learn the Bike Tow Leash instantly and do not need all these steps, but if there are unknown issues with a rescue etc., these are wonderful solutions.
Bike Tow Leash Installation on Suspension and Disc Brake Bike
Tutorial for Bike Tow Leash installation onto a full suspension mountain bike with disc brakes. Instructions provided with each BTL show more mounting methods on other bike frame configurations. There are many other ways to mount BTLs on this and other bikes, trikes, mobility scooters and wheelchairs in tutorials to follow. Contact us through for your special applications and questions.
Bike Tow Leash in Action
Check out the official video of the BIKE TOW LEASH!
Bike Tow Leash in Action
Bike Tow Leash - Two Dogs on Single Track Trail
Two Dogs Drop behind on narrow path
Bike Tow Leash --Two Dogs on RHS
Dog Bike Tow Leash Right Side Mount Tandem Dogs On City
Two Dogs Pulling Bike
Kevin shares view from bike with two dogs pulling
Bike Tow Leash: Alcohol Adjustment Tutorial
Mast Height Adjustment using Alcohol
Bike Tow Leash Demonstrations
See How Easy The Bike Tow Leash is to Use!