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Bike Tow Leash Customer Reviews

I just realized, this is our second year of daily use of the bike tow leash on my « fat bike » with Zoey, our golden doodle.  Soon it will be winter here and the fat bike-BTL combo will keep Zoey and I going through the cold and snow.
The product is flawless, safe and very enjoyable to use.  Our time riding on the mountain trails has become priceless. You helped us create a wonderful lifestyle.

Luc B, QC, Canada

Great product.  Brilliant way of tiring out a dog full of energy, I've had it on roads, woodland trails,  hill walks and on the beach in the last 3 years.  It's worth every penny I paid.  Miah loves seeing my helmet come out as she knows a cycle is coming and she likes nothing more than covering ground at a faster pace than walking with her pack leader.  I'd recommend this product to anyone who wants a healthy dog physically and mentally.  The product is simplicity at its best no hi-tech awkward fittings  just plain and simple.  I have it 3 years and it is as good as it was the day I got it, I like the fact that even if you are cycling without your dog the bike tow leash can remain on the bike and not be in the way.  Hats off Mike for a great product. 
Stephen & Miah -- Ireland

> Message:
> I bought a bike tow leash even before they were patented. I saw an ad somewhere, and it was clear to me how much thought had gone into the design. I have used it with 3 different dogs over the past 10 to 12 years...possibly longer. Currently it is used with my two lab mixes. They love to run and when they  occasionally  decide to bolt and try to chase a squirrel in the wrong direction, my bike does not jerk, sway or waiver. I love this design that puts the connection down low to the ground and under my body weight. I have never had one tipping issue, in all this time. My original  product is still going strong. I just wanted to look you up and say thank you. This is one of the best things I ever did for my dogs, or for me. Since I sometimes have joint pain  I would have needed to pay someone else to do what I love, spend time with my dogs exercising them...and me!

Carrie C. Ohio


reviews_2_2549375844 I just received my Bike Tow Leash yesterday and Sophie and I love it! We've tried others and yours is absolutely the best out there! I own a grooming salon and have many clients that enjoy exercising with their dogs. I can't wait to tell them about your product!

Thank you! Sophie was so happy!
Dawn B.



questions_12_3118865829We are STILL loving that leash!  My neighbor bought one, too. I will try to get a photo of her dog and send it along. It is a great product.

Pamela B, CA



Thanks for the great product. The shipping was really fast. 
I tryed the bike tow leash tonight with my 110 lb, 10 month old,
Bernese Mountain puppy, Toby. It was great, no problems, he was
wagging his tail the whole time. I actually tired him out for once. 
Also to let you know it works well with a Gary Fisher Big Sur disc 
brake mountain bike.
Everbody who we saw thought that it was a great idea that you had come 
up with.
I also tried it on my Diggler dog scooter it works well on that too. It is the shock absorbing I like about the Bike Tow Leash. I have tried other systems and Toby had flipped me a couple of times and I am a big guy. He did not get hurt, I was the black and blue one. He just gave me a fun look standing over me probably thinking Dad what are you doing on the ground.

Thanks again Bryn and Toby


Wow, I was surprised with the ease of installing it on my bike. My dog absolutely loved it!!! He didn't want to get back in the car!!! lol I have a husky and had concerns about him pulling me lunging for another dog. It was amazing. My bicycle was stable and I continued to pedal. I couldn't ask for a more perfect experience bicycling with my dog. Thank you so much! Now I don't have to feel guilty when I leave to bike. Now he can go with me!

Thank you for a great product!!!

Anita B, AR

Hello again,

I've been taking my husky out every evening since I got my BTL. She loves it and so do I! People that see me riding down the street stare and smile. One car   reviews_15_2818172464
actually stopped to tell me that they thought the bike leash was cool and that they wanted one as well. I told them the name of it and hopefully they'll be getting one soon. Thank you so, so much. I can tell that my dog is so much happier now.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

-Carissa R.  NY



This is the best hundred bucks I've ever spent!
The bike tow leash should be mandatory for anyone with a high-energy dog.
Everyone on the bike paths, being walked by their dog, wants to know where
to get one.




Mudgee is the 1/2 year old Australian Cattle Dog we recently rescued at a shelter. We've had her for about 3 weeks now and are realing that I am not able to give her the exercise she craves when we go walking for about an hour a day.

My wife and I had been avid bicyclists several years ago, and I've always wanted to get back to my riding health.

I did some research online looking for a way that I could bike and bring Mudgee along. There are a number of different bike leashes out there, but the Bike Tow Leash made the most sense of them all. I appreciated the time and the work you put into designing and perfecting this simple device.

I ordered it and it arrived today. I couldn't wait to get home and attach it to my Cannondale. The thick aluminum frame was a challege but it worked just fine. Mudgee took to it right away.

Attached is a photo taken by my wife in our first minutes on the road. I plan to send you a photo of the two of us a little later on when I've lost the weight and am in as fine a shape as my running companion.

Rev. Kenneth  S., FL                         


I just received my order today and tried it out for the first time. I have an Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie Mix. I taught my Aussie to bike with me when he was a pup just holding on to a retractable leash in my hand. He always did very well but I never felt very safe with it. It has been a long time since we even attempted a ride. I had never tried to ride with my Border Collie until today. The BTL is amazing! We only did a short ride around the block to try it out because it is hot in IL this afternoon (I couldn't wait until this evening!) It was an awesome ride with both and 2 people in the neighborhood already were commenting on it. I can't wait to take them both out on longer rides! I do agility training and I am also a PE teacher so I will be telling alot of my friends about this who will probably be interested.

Thanks again!

Sadie S., IL


Bike tow came today and promptly took him for a run WORKS GREAT!! No more skinned up face for this old man.

Thanks so much!
John H.,  MI


Hi,Got it on and used it.....the dog loves it and I sent your web site to my son.I have already had a couple of people in the neighborhood ask about the BTL. The BTL is great.


Rick T., MA

It held up great flipping it around like you suggested.

By the way - I put it to the ultimate test yesterday evening around dusk. Wet conditions, uneven terrain, crazy powerful dog on the scent of a deer :) ...

So I was riding along and saw a good size buck about 50 yards out. Parker had caught his scent but hadn't seen him yet. For some reason the deer wasn't moving at all and I figured now would be the best chance I had to really test this thing. I kept getting closer to him until I was about 10 yards from him. Then I yelled to Parker - "Deer!" and he looked up and saw him. He bolted for him as if he had the strength of 2 dogs, but to my surprise I kept perfect control. I never even had to stop to put my feet down. Awesome!

Excellent work Mike! I'm sold on it -

Scott, TX

Mike I received leash this morning. Mulligan took to it like he did to water. Easy to use and he loves to run. We have to say thank you for all your time and effort to design this. Worth every penny!

Rob D., MI

What a great product! My border collie Toby took to it immediately. I love it, and posted a rave review on my Facebook page. If you start shipping to Prescott, Arizona, you\'ll know why!

My Facebook post:
Just got back from a 10-mile ride along the Peavine. It was Toby\'s first bike ride, made possible by the Bike Tow Leash Although the design allows Toby some flexibility, it pretty much keeps him in a heal position, and there is now way we could become entangled. Can\'t speak for Toby, and I know Marj and I enjoyed the \"Wow!\" factor as hikers and bikers got a look at us. This thing truly exceeded my expectations, and Toby loved it. If you\'re thinking of biking with your dog, this is it.
Toni K., AZ


All I can say is that I love it and so does Bailey. I have one tired and happy Lab. If it had a tennis ball with a squeaker in it that would really do it.

Shelley P, TX

American Pet Association Product Review:
Approval Status - APA 5 out of 5 Star Approval

Testing Results - As advertised, a strong and useful product.

Recommendation - Very well thought out and innovative product. Obviously a lot of effort has gone into designing this product. Very safe, the safest bike leash we have seen. Testers all thought it worked even better than expected. Received the highest tester reviews. Absolutely fantastic for mobility devices (wheelchairs and scooters).

APA Advice - Riding with your dog, when handled responsibly, can be a great activity for you and your dog. This product is the only such device we have considered approving and it exceeded our expectations. We will say it again, most of the time we all breeze over or ignore instructions. With this product, take time to read every word and adhere to the warnings. Your dog deserves it!

Approval ID# - 32919

Daily Dogs Review:
1-Running-Dog Bike Tow Leash Product Review: This product is amazing. It’s one of those things that you won’t really believe it until you try it, it’s that good. Goose is an 80 pound chocolate lab that loves to meet everyone and everything, so saying he pulls from time to time is an understatement. Because he pulls so much, I was a little hesistant to attach him directly to my bike, so he just runs free alongside, but the Bike Tow Leash has changed everything. Now while biking by dogs and people, Goose may pull, however I don’t feel a single pull while driving the bike, it’s amazing. On our second ride with the BTL there was a squirrel ran out in front of us and in my mind I actually thought “Okay Ellen, be prepared to launch off your bicycle”. Goose tried to go after it and I barely felt a nudge on the bike tire, I was absolutely amazed and of course thrilled that I didn’t land face first in the dirt. If you’re a cyclist or you know someone who bikes with their dog and needs a leash for either the entire bike ride or even just for crossing the road, meeting other dogs, etc – there is no other option than the Bike Tow Leash. This amazing product paired with the amazing customer service from Mike Leon will have you drooling over this product as much as I do. Worth every single penny.
Ellen Andrews and Goose, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Bike Tow Leash Ranked #1 Dog-Biking Attachment 2016!

The 1-Running-Dog Bike Tow Leash is used and recommended by professional dog trainers, handlers and owners throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and South America.

The 1-Running-Dog  Bike Tow Leash received the 2011 Dog Fancy Magazine Editior's Choice Award! reviews_13_2762628725

In 2014 the BTL earned the Family Choice Award.   

Just a quick word to say thanks for a terrific product. I received the BTL this week and Daisy took to it instantly. We're looking forward to lots of great hours of exercise for this very energetic little yellow lab.

Bob Ryder, Dog Owner and Trainer
Pawsitive Transformations -

Our BTL was recently reviewed on Pet Life Radio Arden Moore's Oh Behave Radio Show Santa Paws Gift Guide almost 18 minutes into the program.

follow this link to a wonderful review and video by Daily dogs.

Bike Tow Leash

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We raised 10 service dogs with this great tool. Countless other dogs and riders have used the 1-Running Dog Bike Tow Leash confirming ease of use, comfort and exercise. They have covered many thousands of miles without the BTL causing so much as a scratch to dogs or riders! Everyone wants to be the one propelled by the dog to school, on the beach, on trails, to the park and the store!

I am grateful to my family and expanding circle of friends whose patience, help and advice have made the 1-Running-Dog Bike Tow Leash available for you and your dogs to enjoy as well.

Michael A. Leon
LEON Engineering, Inc.

To see Bike Tow Leash is ranked the Best Dog-Biking attachment again for 2017!

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